In Treasure Island who truly has the right to the treasure and why?

Answer Assuming you mean "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson, the treasure was put there by Captain Flint and his men. Flint being dead, it belongs to the crew. But, the treasure wasn't their pr... Read More »

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National Adoption Awareness Month is coming up. What does it mean to you?

People who have been "touched" by adoption are usually acutely aware of National Adoption Awareness Month. I think that for most of us it is the cruelest possible time of the year. On the first o... Read More »

When was Treasure Island written?

Treasure Island was first published in 1883, so it was likely written shortly before that, probably after 1880.and is always been a popular book to read

When did treasure island in las vegas open?

Treasure Island Hotel Casino opened on the Strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Oct. 26th, 1993. The resort was built by real estate mogul Steve Wynn and was sold to Phil Ruffin, the former owner of The ... Read More »

When was treasure island published by The Mershon Company?

I have one inscribed Christmas 1898, so I would assume it was prior to that date if it helps.