When is my uncle gerry going to buy my aunty pat a laptop?

Answer I guess asking this group that question is a step above consulting your magic 8 ball.

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How is Zach salvatore stephan and damons uncle was there a mention of an uncle or aunt when they were human?

No their wasn't any mention of a aunt whether they were human or not

How to Keep My Laptop From Going to Standby When I Close the the Cover?

When you transport your laptop, it is best to carry it with the display closed. This protects the delicate screen from scratches and minimizes the chance of damage if you should drop the computer a... Read More »

How to impress aunty?

If your aunt is your father's sister, her sister-in-law is your mother. Or just say she,s Uncle sister then she,s Aunt in Law.

What is the difference in a great uncle and a grand uncle?

There is no difference between "great uncle" and "grand uncle." Some people prefer to use one term and some the other. Both terms refer to a brother of one of your grandparents.