When is my uncle gerry going to buy my aunty pat a laptop?

Answer I guess asking this group that question is a step above consulting your magic 8 ball.

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How to impress aunty?

If your aunt is your father's sister, her sister-in-law is your mother. Or just say she,s Uncle sister then she,s Aunt in Law.

How is Zach salvatore stephan and damons uncle was there a mention of an uncle or aunt when they were human?

No their wasn't any mention of a aunt whether they were human or not

What is the difference in a great uncle and a grand uncle?

There is no difference between "great uncle" and "grand uncle." Some people prefer to use one term and some the other. Both terms refer to a brother of one of your grandparents.

Who is Gerry Anderson?

Gerry Anderson is a British producer, writer, and director probably most popular for his mid-1960s television show Thunderbirds. This show was about a group called International Rescue. This group'... Read More »