When is liquid cooling necessary?

Answer Liquid cooling system is a lot of hassle and in the long run it could cause leaking i don't recommend it

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Liquid Cooling VS. CPU Fan?

About the same actually, air cooling is still more efficient per dollar than the pre-filled coolers; the main benefits from these are the aesthetics and ease of use. Liquid cooling does of course ... Read More »

The Best in CPU Liquid Cooling?

Heat is the enemy of computer processors. The faster a CPU is, the more heat it generates, and the hotter a CPU gets, the worse it performs. If a CPU overheats, it will start acting erratically and... Read More »

Does liquid cooling in PC evaporate?

Liquid cooling systems for computers are designed to be a completely enclosed loop. When installed and operated correctly, the system does not allow evaporation. Broken tanks, tubes or incorrectly ... Read More »

The Best Liquid Cooling Solutions?

Liquid cooling solutions are made to flow through a computer system and keep it cool using the same basic concept as an automotive radiator. The water or chemical liquid flows through pipes, drawin... Read More »