When is it worth repairing a car?

Answer Certain factors will determine if you should repair your car or look at other alternatives. Explore all other options to see which is the most cost effective for the short-term and long-term. Revi... Read More »

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Worth repairing a 7-year old camcorder?

Don't even bother. You will end up paying for the basic service only to be told that the spare parts are not available and the camcorder cannot be repaired.Buy a brand new one, there are tons of mo... Read More »

Tips for Repairing a LCD TV?

Televisions have become more complex over recent times. Increased technology has also led in increased complexity in the use and repair of televisions. LCD television are no exceptions. LCD stan... Read More »

Tools for Repairing a Transmission?

For anyone mechanically inclined, transmissions aren't particularly difficult to repair if you have the right tools and information. Unlike engines, transmissions require more than a basic set of s... Read More »

Repairing Door Thresholds?

Thresholds are generally found under exterior doors and serve in different capacities. The door threshold sees a lot of wear and tear via heavy traffic in and out of the house. It also acts as a we... Read More »