When is it worth repairing a car?

Answer Certain factors will determine if you should repair your car or look at other alternatives. Explore all other options to see which is the most cost effective for the short-term and long-term. Revi... Read More »

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Worth repairing a 7-year old camcorder?

Don't even bother. You will end up paying for the basic service only to be told that the spare parts are not available and the camcorder cannot be repaired.Buy a brand new one, there are tons of mo... Read More »

How to Be Safe Around Computers when Repairing?

When trying to fix a computer, you would take it apart and find the problem. It doesn't work like that. You may get electrocuted from exiting power that was left over in the computer. Try out this ... Read More »

Repairing SMPS of LCD TV - What Causes the Buzzing Noise (Sound) when the Transformers are turned on?

Do you see any visible damage across the board? I assume you're in the process of repairing the SMPS, so power supply has been restored to an extent.Usually, there are 3 reasons why you're hearing ... Read More »

When is it worth refinancing?

It is worth it to refinance a home mortgage or an auto loan when the interest rates are low; especially if your current interest rate is high. Taking advantage of a low interest rate will also lowe... Read More »