When is it worth refinancing?

Answer It is worth it to refinance a home mortgage or an auto loan when the interest rates are low; especially if your current interest rate is high. Taking advantage of a low interest rate will also lowe... Read More »

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What to Expect When Refinancing?

The refinancing process is a series of steps that replaces a current mortgage with a different home loan governed by new terms. Refinancing ends with a closing, much like with a house purchase, whe... Read More »

How do I add someone's name when refinancing a car?

Apply for Loan with Other PersonApply for your loan with the person whose name you plan to add. You cannot simply add someone to a car loan, which is what a refinance is. One person will become the... Read More »

What are points when refinancing?

Lenders give borrowers the option to purchase points when refinancing their home. The points are a fee used to "buy down," or purchase a lower interest rate than the rate offered for free.Significa... Read More »

Points to Consider When Refinancing?

Refinancing is a process where a borrower allows a lender to buy out an existing loan and agrees to accept a new loan with different terms. Mortgages are a common type of loan to refinance, but it ... Read More »