When is it too cold outside to paint a house?

Answer Different types of paint have different temperature requirements. If you're using an oil-based paint, the temperature needs to be at least 40 degrees F; with latex paints, the temperature should b... Read More »

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Can we paint an interior when it is cold outside?

On One Hand: Painting Inside With a Space HeaterUsing a heater to obtain an ambient temperature of at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the room to be painted will allow for good paint coverage and dr... Read More »

When is best time to paint the outside of a house?

On One Hand: Most Temperatures AllowableA wide variety of exterior paints are available to consumers. Some of these paints allow for painting outside in as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures... Read More »

What type of paint do i use to paint the outside of my house..?

are you painting wood, upvc cladding or stone/ cement rendering.Wood needs under coat and you expect to redo it every 5 to 10 years, upvc will need a specific paint or under coat for it, stone and... Read More »

How much paint do I need to paint the outside of my house?

Typically, one gallon of paint covers 400 square feet. To determine how many gallons you need for the outside of a house, multiply the width of each wall by the height, adding the measurements for ... Read More »