When is it time to put someone in assisted care?

Answer On One Hand: Between Independent Living and Nursing HomeAssisted care facilities are for people who cannot live independently anymore but who do not need the intensive treatment that a nursing home... Read More »

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How To Pay for Assisted Living Care?

If you or a loved one enter assisted living, the facility probably will be required by state law to disclose to you all fees associated with your or your family member's care. Fees are not regulate... Read More »

How much is assisted living for dementia care per month?

According to the Assisted Living Federation of America, the average cost of assisted living for a patient with dementia is $3,316 a month. The cost, however, can vary widely depending on location a... Read More »

What is residential care&assisted living level 1?

When a person is no longer independent or able to be cared for in his home, alternative housing in a residential facility is a possible option. Residential care is a broad term covering everything ... Read More »

How to Convince Parents to Move from Home to an Assisted Living or Care Facility?

Life always has its natural course and that is what we all should acknowledge sooner or later. This in fact is sometimes hard to by acknowledge the seniors that live alone with no support or assist... Read More »