When is it time to put a dog to sleep?

Answer On One Hand: If They Are IllUnfortunately, illness can strike a dog at any age. Some illnesses end up being fatal, but the dog has to suffer through it until the end. It is an ethical and appropria... Read More »

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How to Sleep in a Short Time when You Go to Bed?

Lots of people have difficulty in falling asleep when they know that they have to sleep in a short time. It is hard to sleep if you are under stressed situation. When you put your head on the pillo... Read More »

Is it okay to sleep when you have so less time left?

It is 'okay' -- it won't hurt you...Yes, the 30minutes 'counts'. Though you will only reach a minimal phase of sleep and remain there for a very short time.Often if very tired your body will skip ... Read More »

When its time to sleep, what kinds of things do you keep next to your bed?

I keep my phone, pain killers like ibuprofen, rolaids, and a glass of water.

How to get to sleep every night when I go to sleep at irregular times?