When is it right to have a hysterectomy?

Answer On One Hand: Hysterectomies Treat Many ConditionsHysterectomy refers to a surgery involving the removal of the uterus. This common surgery can treat many medical problems involving the uterus, incl... Read More »

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Can you have yeast infections after a hysterectomy?

Women of any age can develop vaginal yeast infections, typically caused by the fungus Candida albicans. Because the vagina generally remains intact, you may still be susceptible to yeast infections... Read More »

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How to Have the Right Attitude when Acting in a Play?

As an actor/actress, there are lots of bad things that might come your way, but you can't let them bother you. You have to, despite all, be the best actor/actress you can be. And here's how.

When did African Americans have the right to vote?

African American men were originally granted the right to vote in 1868 after the 14th Amendment was passed. The 15th Amendment, which passed in 1870, stated specifically that male citizens of all r... Read More »