When is it okay to take different pills with ADHD medication?

Answer Good Q. If you can't get a hold of your Primary Care Physician today, you can call the pharmacy where you filled the scrip of the medication and ask the Pharmacist the same Q. They can give you a... Read More »

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Is it safe to take ketone pills with Sumatriptan (migraine medication)?

You don't necessarily need to go to the doctor. You need to talk to your pharmacist about this. The raspberry ketones can cause a spike in blood pressure for example, and other effects so talk to... Read More »

Are weight loss pills okay to take with blood pressure meds?

Increased blood pressure is a major side effect of many weight loss pills (both over the counter and prescription), according to If you take medication for high blood pressure, it is n... Read More »

I take diabetic pills, is it Ok, to take calcim supplements at the same time or should I take at a different?

It's okay to take your diabetic pills with your calcium supplements. There's no prohibition about it. But if you are in doubt, then you could take them at different hours of the day.Good luck to you.

How to Treat an ADHD Child With Medication?

ADHD is a medical condition, caused by a chemical/electrical imbalance in the brain. Just like any medical condition, medical treatment is required to really gain success in treatment of this condi... Read More »