When is it okay for the cervix to soften for pregnancy delivery?

Answer Answer Yes. Natural childbirth hurts more though.

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Can sperm soften the cervix while pregnant?

No. Sex during pregnancy is fine right up until the last few weeks.

How many times do you have to have sex before the semen starts to soften the cervix?

Answer Labor starts when your body is ready. Having sex may give it a little nudge, but I don't think any research has been done on exactly how much prostaglandin is in semen.Just do whatever you... Read More »

Your cervix is starting to soften and you are minus two when can you look for labor to start?

Yes it does but the most children you have the less it hurts.

Is it safe to go into a public swimming pool if you are 38 weeks pregnant and the cervix is starting to soften?

Answer Certainly. There is a plug of mucus in your cervix blocking off the path to bacteria then you also have your bag of waters protecting the baby. So go, have fun. Swimming is GREAT for preg... Read More »