When is google earth going to update its images?

Answer Google progressively updates its image database. Usually it summarized in its newsletter. There are also blogs detailing where and when Google updates images. http://googlesightseeing.comCheck & se... Read More »

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How old are the images on Google Earth ?

My car is parked out side my house and I moved in two years ago.

Why are images on Google Earth outdated?

Time keeps on ticking. Your maps will get updated about once every two years or so. Otherwise, terrorists would use it to attack our country. Hey, it's free. Good luck and Happy Computing!

How often does Google Earth get new satellite images?

The more populated areas update more often than rural areas. Images of NYC update several times a year, images of rural Mongolia may be ten years old.It's not on any kind of regular schedule.The ov... Read More »

How do you clear up the images on google earth ?

no .some areas are higher resolution .try`nassa earth wind``microsoft locate me`or virtual earththese offer other photos some of which are clearer