When is epilepsy usually diagnosed?

Answer On One Hand: Early New CasesMost cases of epilepsy are diagnosed in the first year of life. Those born with epilepsy generally exhibit symptoms very early on which lead to a diagnosis. The incid... Read More »

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When was epilepsy discovered?

Epilepsy is mentioned in ancient Greek texts and in the Bible (circa 70 A.D.). In 400 B.C., Hippocrates published a book on epilepsy and identified it as a brain disorder rather than a curse. Physi... Read More »

Your son was diagnosed with coxsackie virus is it ok for us to fly He was diagnosed today and you leave tomorrow?

I would think that a quick call to your pediatrician will get you an answer from a qualified medical professional.

When was asthma first diagnosed?

Asthma, a chronic inflammation of the lung's airways, has likely been around as long as the human race, with references to asthma-like symptoms in ancient Indian and Greek medical texts. Hippocrate... Read More »

My daughter got Diagnosed when Leukemia {ALL}?

Hargis, I wanted to answer your question as I understand what your heart must be feeling! I have a daughter who lost renal function before she was 21! It has been a long road with dialysis and so f... Read More »