When is downloading music a bad thing?

Answer Digital files are fast becoming a favorite way to buy music, but downloading the music may be bad on several levels. Sound quality may be uneven, or the music illegally obtained.Sound QualityMost m... Read More »

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When did downloading music begin? put together the first legal music download in 1999. Prior to that, several sites, Napster being one of the most popular, offered users the opportunity to share files. Music was often sh... Read More »

What does queued mean when downloading music?

The general definition of a queue is "a line of things or people waiting." In downloading music, the word refers to a list of files waiting to be downloaded. Each music file will begin downloading ... Read More »

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Downloading music for free?

Why would you wan tto download music for free?Ever thought about the music artist? They have to work for there money and having someone steal from them is wrong. Oh well. you probably don't give a ... Read More »