When is cesarean done?

Answer A c-section is normally performed, when the baby becomes stressed during child birth, or the mother has become too tired, or is having difficulties. Other reasons for a c-section include placenta p... Read More »

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Mommies: When was the last time you got your hair done or your nails done Or heck, even shaved your legs?

You know, sometimes i really do stay in my pj's all day! I never get time to actually sit and do my hair or makeup. Unless we are going out somewhere through the day and my daughter will let me sit... Read More »

Induced or a Cesarean, What should I go for?

hi I'm a midwife [getting rid of one for new model]induction is only done if there is a late or slow start to labour.i think nature will press the button when its ready.a c-section is fairly quick ... Read More »

Can you deliver vaginally after cesarean?

How to Have a Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean?

When a woman has a vaginal birth after she has had a previous baby via a cesarean, it is referred to as a VBAC. Depending on the reason why the initial cesarean was performed, many women can go on ... Read More »