How do I determine baseball post-season play?

Answer Open MLB.COMConsult the Major League Baseball website at standingsClick on "Standings" along the top of the home page. Teams who are already guaranteed a spot in the post-s... Read More »

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How many baseball teams have had 4 30-home run hitters in the same season?

There have been 12 teams in Major League Baseball (MLB) history that have had four players hit 30 or more home runs in the same season. The 1977 Los Angeles Dodgers were the first team to do it. Th... Read More »

How many games does each baseball team play each season?

Major League Baseball teams play 162 games per season (beginning in April and lasting until September or October). Prior to the 1961 season, Major League teams played only 154 games. Neither of the... Read More »

When can North Carolina high school baseball teams practice& play out of season?

For the spring 2011 baseball season, North Carolina high school teams cannot practice before February 14, 2011. The first game of the season cannot be played before February 28, 2011. However, each... Read More »

In ESPN Major League Baseball 2K5 is it possible in season mode to change player info like a uniform number?