When is apple season?

Answer There are many kinds of apples, and they can be grown all over the world, so apples can be found year-round. In the United States, peak season for apples is in the Fall, from September until Novemb... Read More »

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When is apple picking season?

Apple picking season in North American orchards varies by latitude and can last for several months, but it generally takes place in autumn. In upstate New York, apple picking season begins in late ... Read More »

When is apple picking season in geogia?

Apples can be picked in Georgia any time from July through December, but apple picking is best in autumn, with late September through mid-October being considered the prime apple picking season.Sou... Read More »

Why was spike brought back in s1 of angel when in Buffy he was still alive until season 7 i was told that angel season 1 was around about Buffy season 4 so he is in season 4 of Buffy alive?

Spike made an appearance in season 1 of Angel, attempting to obtain a magical artifact that would make him invulnerable; this story line is a crossover from Buffy season 4 where Spike is very much ... Read More »

Is episode 12 of moonlight the last episode of the first season and when is the second season going to start and where can you buy season 1 of moonlight?

There are 16 episodes in Moonlight's first season (ending with Sonata #1x16). In the US, the DVD will be released on January 20th, 2009. The show is already out on disc in Europe. Sadly, Moonlight... Read More »