When is apple going to make colored iphone?

Answer during Christmas time in 2009 or 2010

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Is Apple going to make the iPhone 4S unlocked?

Yes, you can now buy the iPhone 4S unlocked direct from the Apple website

Is apple really going to lauch iphone 5 soon ?

Apple doesn't officially announce what they are launching in advance. As you can see in the link below though, they hint at the release of the iPhone 5 for their event (confirmed September 12th) by... Read More »

If I send Apple my iPhone 3GS when the new iPhone comes out, will they send me an iPhone 4?

Phones are made with a built in obsolescence. They want you buying a new phone. Why on earth would they give you a new phone? They would much rather you buy one.

Is the price of the iPhone 4 going to lower when the iPhone 5 is released?

Try holding down the button on the top of the Iphone and the one at the bottom. Press them in together until the phone switches off and then it shout reboot itself. Or if your phone is dead and won... Read More »