Isn't it a woman's "choice" of having sex when ovulating and unprotected sex or not?

Answer It is the womans choice to take precautions but abortion is the answer for irresponsible and immoral people who want to justify killing a baby because it is an inconvenience. Two words: Selfish, Sl... Read More »

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How to Know When You Are Ovulating?

The ability to know when you are ovulating is essential in order to become pregnant, avoid pregnancy or to understand your body in general. A normal part of the female reproductive cycle, ovulation... Read More »

How do I know when I am ovulating?

If you are planning your first baby, or planning to extend your family, timing your ovulation is critical. Physicians often recommend timing your ovulation monthly, over a year of trying to conceiv... Read More »

Do you think I could be ovulating?

I definitely think you are about to start!The pinky discharge is the big sign I guess, from what I have read! So get you're pads ready;)

If you are not ovulating does it mean you are pregnant?

Answer No, ovulation takes place about every 28 days. Each woman is different, but numerous other causes could lead to a failure to ovulate. You should be tested by your doctor or local health dept... Read More »