When am i fertile, what does fertile and ovulation mean?

Answer Ovulation is when the egg passes from the ovaries through to fallopian tubes to the uterus. This is when you are most 'fertile'. Fertile means when you are most likely to become pregnant.On average... Read More »

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What can a woman eat to become more fertile?

What foods can a woman eat to make her more fertile?

There are many foods that can increase fertility, but there are specific fertility foods that have special fertility properties that stimulate ovulation in women and helps increase sperm quality an... Read More »

Why a woman who is going for a surrogacy should have at least one infant?

Bleeding need not necessarily be due to perforation of eardrum. If the wax is hard some bleeding can be expected due to abrasion of the lining of the ear canal.

When is the most fertile time of the month?

ovulation, about 2 weeks or 14 days into your menstrual cycle.