When is a stock broker liable for client losses?

Answer Whenever a client loses money in the stock market, a stock broker or firm will always try to communicate the loss as a result of the market's unpredictability. Yet, it is often the case that many l... Read More »

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Are stock losses tax deductible?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, stock losses can offset income of up to $3000 in non-capital income, and are therefore deductible. However, the stock losses must be documented and verifi... Read More »

Tax Laws Regarding Losses in the Stock Market?

Losses in the stock market are called capital losses and are regulated by Title 26 of the United States Code. Tax law contains many categories and sub-headings within Title 26. For example, the law... Read More »

How Do Stock Losses Go Against Gains for Taxes?

Losing money on stock investments is not a good thing in any respect, except one: The only positive about a stock loss is that U.S. income tax rules allow you to use investment losses to offset inv... Read More »

Can stock losses be written off your taxes?

You can write off up to $3,000 from stock losses against other income in a single year. If you have more than a $3,000 loss, you can carry the leftover portion to the next year. In fact, substantia... Read More »