When is a shoulder injury not serious?

Answer On One Hand: Non-Serious injuriesSome shoulder injuries do not require medical treatment. According to Aurora Health Care, these injuries include bruises, strains and sprains. These can usually be ... Read More »

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When is a shoulder injury serious&potentially permanent?

On One Hand: Many Injuries Can Become PermanentSerious shoulder injuries typically interfere significantly with normal shoulder function. Without proper treatment, several types of serious shoulder... Read More »

Is a shoulder injury that radiates pain serious?

On One Hand: Some Painful Injuries Are SeriousPain radiating from the shoulder after an injury may result from several serious causes, according to Medline Plus. These include fractures, shoulder d... Read More »

Shoulder injury at the gym?

HiI did the exactly the same thing at the gym and when i got home it was swelling and slightly bruised i couldnt lift anything heavy for about a month and the doc said that i had fractured h... Read More »

Shoulder Injury Help!?

Honestly, it doesn't sound like a muscular problem or problem with tendons if you have full range. What exactly happened in the injury? All I could suggest without actually seeing you is to take No... Read More »