When is a shoulder injury not serious?

Answer On One Hand: Non-Serious injuriesSome shoulder injuries do not require medical treatment. According to Aurora Health Care, these injuries include bruises, strains and sprains. These can usually be ... Read More »

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Shoulder Injury Help!?

Honestly, it doesn't sound like a muscular problem or problem with tendons if you have full range. What exactly happened in the injury? All I could suggest without actually seeing you is to take No... Read More »

Shoulder injury at the gym?

HiI did the exactly the same thing at the gym and when i got home it was swelling and slightly bruised i couldnt lift anything heavy for about a month and the doc said that i had fractured h... Read More »

Shoulder injury! Help!?

It'll get better... Probably that shoulder can't just move... It is just pressure....Good luck!

How should I treat a shoulder injury?

Hi, sorry about your shoulder. I would do the ice because it will help with the pain by somewhat numbing it, and will bring down any swelling that occurs. The heat will aggravate swelling. Also, yo... Read More »