What relation is your brother's sister in relation to you?

Answer your sister

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Search function in excel alongside of a time/date function?

dont worry about the AM and PM....the Am and PM are only formatting....they arent really part of the number or just need to check if your times go past midnight...and add 1 if it i... Read More »

The Function to Edit Another Function in WordPress?

A lauded feature of the WordPress blogging platform is its extensive architecture and simple API for creating plugins. WordPress is built to allow plugins and themes to override most of the core fu... Read More »

What relation are you to your son-in-law's son?

Your son-in-law is the husband of your daughter. His son is your daughter's son and therefore your grandson, and you are his grandparent. If your son-in-law's son is from a previous marriage, the ... Read More »

What does OVA mean in relation to anime?

In the world of Japanese animation, or anime, an OVA is a film or show produced for home video as a DVD and is never broadcast on television or released in movie theaters. OVA stands for Original V... Read More »