When is a pilaster beam required?

Answer Pilaster beams are vertically placed architectural beams that protrude slightly from the edge of a wall. They can be decorative, but certain types of buildings may require them.HistoryPilaster beam... Read More »

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What is a pilaster?

A pilaster has a capital, shaft and base like a column, but it only partially projects from a wall. Pilasters come in a variety of shapes and materials.HistoryUsed primarily by the Romans to orname... Read More »

What is the Difference Between a Solid Beam & a Twisted Beam Axle?

The solid beam axle has been used since man has connected two wheels together. It was the original axle in the automobile. The twisted beam axle, also know as independent rear wheel axle, allows mo... Read More »

Definition of Pilaster?

The term "pilaster" refers to an element in Greco-Roman classical architecture. It is traditionally a rectangular pillar that is built into a wall and extends out of the wall it is built in. Pilast... Read More »

What is the meaning of pilaster?

A pilaster is a type of support column used in medieval art and architecture. It features intricate designs and is less obtrusive than traditional columns. Pilasters blend in well with the surround... Read More »