When is a good time to plant peppers?

Answer On One Hand: On One Hand: In the SpringPlanting peppers in the spring will give you an earlier harvest. Young pepper plants can be planted outdoors after night time temperatures have risen above be... Read More »

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When is a good time to pick peppers?

Often it depends on the color and the level of sweetness desired. With capsicum peppers, you can harvest them when green but may prefer the sweeter taste when they are red. There is an excellent d... Read More »

When is a good time to cut flowers off a plant?

For bouquets and decorating, cut flowers when they are in full bloom or just about to bloom. Start cutting fresh flowers well before any wither or go to seed. Cutting fresh flowers can prolong the ... Read More »

When is a good time to plant a tree?

On One Hand: Spring Planting Is Best for Some TreesSlow-to-establish trees, which tend to have fewer, larger roots, are best suited to spring planting. These trees benefit from generous spring rain... Read More »

When to plant peppers?

On One Hand: Peppers Require WarmthThe optimum soil temperature for growing peppers is 85 degrees F. In northern climates, start preparing the soil between February and April. Plant seeds in April ... Read More »