When is a good time to buy bonds?

Answer On One Hand: Falling Interest Rates Support Bond PricesBond prices have an inverse relationship with interest rates, so when interest rates are falling, bond prices will rise. Investors who purchas... Read More »

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When in Texas is a good time to wear jackets, jeans, sweatshirts, etc. And until when?

Lol.. u never really know in Texas! it can be really hot one day then really cold the next

Is this the time to buy bonds in the market?

On One Hand: Bond Values Go Up and DownU.S. Treasury bonds---from one-month bills to 30-year bonds---fluctuate in value depending upon the state of financial markets. Bonds are a relatively stable ... Read More »

Penalty for Not Cashing Savings Bonds on Time?

The U.S. Department of the Treasury issues U.S. savings bonds. These non-marketable securities, introduced in 1935, provide small investors a means of participating in financing the operation of th... Read More »

Are municipal bonds a good investment?

On One Hand: The Pros Are ...Municipal bonds are free from federal taxes, and free from state and city taxes if you live in the issuing municipality. For this reason you will find municipal bonds v... Read More »