When is a good time to buy bonds?

Answer On One Hand: Falling Interest Rates Support Bond PricesBond prices have an inverse relationship with interest rates, so when interest rates are falling, bond prices will rise. Investors who purchas... Read More »

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Is this the time to buy bonds in the market?

On One Hand: Bond Values Go Up and DownU.S. Treasury bonds---from one-month bills to 30-year bonds---fluctuate in value depending upon the state of financial markets. Bonds are a relatively stable ... Read More »

Penalty for Not Cashing Savings Bonds on Time?

The U.S. Department of the Treasury issues U.S. savings bonds. These non-marketable securities, introduced in 1935, provide small investors a means of participating in financing the operation of th... Read More »

Are government bonds a good idea?

On One Hand: Government Bonds Are Considered SafeBecause the U.S. government never has defaulted on its debt, investing in a federal government-backed security is considered the safest investment y... Read More »

Are tax-free bonds a good investment?

On One Hand: Bonds Are Tax-ExemptAs the name implies, an investor does not have to pay tax on a tax-free bond. For investors in the highest tax brackets, this usually equates to a higher net after-... Read More »