What day is a woman most likely to get pregnant?

Answer The average menstrual cycle for a woman is 28 days; however, women's cycles can range from 21 to 35 days and it is impossible for a woman to get pregnant on most of those days. For any woman lookin... Read More »

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If a girl misses her period one month how likely is it that she is pregnant?

Answer Most likely it means she is pregnant. But missing a period does happen occasionally to some women. She should take a home test or go see a doctor to be sure if she is pregnant or not. An... Read More »

If your 13 and pregnant is it most likely to have a miscarriage?

No. There is a higher chance that you COULD have a miscarriage because you are not fully devloped yet, therefore it is harder for your body to support a baby, but there are other 13 year old girls ... Read More »

If a girl does not usually have a normal cycle how late should her period be before it is likely that shes pregnant?

Answer I have PCOS so I usually getmy period every 3 to 4 months. My Dr. put me on Provera tomake me get a period and then he put me on Chlomid to make me ovulate. He had me count my cycle days as ... Read More »

When is the least likely time to get pregnant?

Although conception is most likely during ovulation, every woman's menstrual cycle is different, according to The least likely time to get pregnant is generally between day one and ... Read More »