When is a fetus considered a baby?

Answer The U.S. Supreme Court has stated that a fetus becomes an entity (i.e., a "baby") with rights separate from those of its mother when it is able to live outside the mother, even if it requires medic... Read More »

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When is a fetus considered a baby regarding embryonic stem cell research?

Embryonic stem cells are derived from 4- or 5-day-old embryos, grown only in laboratories. In human development, the embryonic stage lasts through the 10th week of pregnancy (about eight weeks afte... Read More »

When is a zygote considered a fetus?

At the moment a sperm penetrates an egg, the zygote is created. The zygote, or cell, continues to divide ultimately becoming an embryo. It is not a fetus until the 8 week mark after conception. Thi... Read More »

When does a baby become a fetus?

The third week after conception is the beginning of the embryonic period, when the baby is a fetus. Prior to that, when the sperm and egg fertilize, there is a zygote. When the zygote travels down ... Read More »

When does the fetus start to look like a baby?

10 weeks a baby has everything an adult has, just smaller...