When is a credit card debt unenforceable?

Answer There are several situations which make credit card debt unenforceable. When a debt is unenforceable, the creditor cannot collect the balance owed.SignificanceWhen the statue of limitations has run... Read More »

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How to Work Out Credit Card Debt When Unemployed?

Unemployment is a frightening time, especially if you do not have an emergency fund. With money tight and no income coming in to keep everyone fed and the lights on, prioritizing what must be paid ... Read More »

What happens when you are sued over credit card debt?

If standard debt collection methods, such as letters and telephone calls, fail, a creditor has the right to file a lawsuit against the debtor. When a creditor wins a lawsuit, the court grants a jud... Read More »

What happens to credit card debt when a person dies?

What happens to credit card debt after a person dies depends on a number of factors, such as the place of residence, who applied for the card and whether the deceased held the account alone.Lone Ho... Read More »

Do I need to show up when summoned to court for credit card debt if I am on SSI?

Even though creditors can't garnish your SSI checks or levy on your bank account that only has SSI deposits in it, the best course is to file a reply to any lawsuit. Eventually, you will have to fi... Read More »