When is a crankcase heater needed?

Answer Crankcase heaters are needed when there is a problem with the compressor used in an air-conditioning unit or heat-pump system, such as an issue with the migration and condensation of refrigerant. ... Read More »

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What Is the Function of a Crankcase Heater?

A crankcase heater is an electrical component used in air conditioning and heat pump systems, according to How Watt. The crankcase heater is installed in appliances in an attempt to halt the moveme... Read More »

Is a heater needed for a waterbed?

A waterbed heater can be optional. However, if you live in colder climates, you may want to invest in a waterbed heater because without one, the waterbed will get cold and could be uncomfortable.So... Read More »

How big of a propane heater is needed for a two car garage?

Save energy--and money--by selecting the right size of a propane heater for your two-car garage. Consider a few simple factors to ensure that you choose the correct-size heater to fulfill your need... Read More »

What size heater is needed for an aquarium?

On One Hand: General Rule of ThumbGenerally, you need 3 to 5 watts of heating per gallon of water in an aquarium for tropical fish. Aquariums sized at 10 gallons or less may require 5 to 10 watts p... Read More »