When is a car registered as salvage?

Answer A car is registered as salvage when the cost of repairing its damage exceeds about 75 percent of its pre-damage value, with the final percentage dependent on state law. A salvage title usually indi... Read More »

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Does the Dell Dimension 4600 use registered or non-registered ram?

The Dell Dimension 4600 does not use registered or error-correcting RAM. The Dimension 4600 has room for up to four 1 GB PC-2700 or PC-3200 DDR-SDRAM modules. The required speed depends on the proc... Read More »

Difference Between Registered & Non Registered Dog Breeds?

Dog breeds can be registered with many different organizations, although in the United States the American Kennel Club (AKC) is generally recognized as the legitimate organization that recognizes a... Read More »

When I put my SD card in my camera it says CARD ERROR is there anyway to salvage my pictures?

you should buy another card for your camera

When did registered nurses start working?

The first nursing school was introduced in India around 250 B.C. This school only allowed male students, as they were believed to be more morally pure than women. Nursing became an established care... Read More »