When is a butternut squash ready to pick?

Answer Butternut squash is typically not ready to be picked until September or October. The butternut squash will loose the green stripes it has while growing and will turn a dark tan color.Source:Purdue... Read More »

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When do I pick my butternut squash?

A butternut squash changes in color into a deep tan, instead of the original lighter beige of unripe squash. The rind loses its shine and becomes dull and difficult to puncture.Source:University of... Read More »

When is a spaghetti squash ready to pick?

Spaghetti squash stops ripening once it is picked, so allow it to mature on the vine. The skin of spaghetti squash ready to be harvested will resist puncturing with a fingernail and will turn from ... Read More »

How to Cut Butternut Squash?

Butternut squash is a winter vegetable noted for its sweet but nutty flavor. A similar taste to the sweet potato, the butternut squash boasts an even smoother texture. This food sometimes poses a p... Read More »

What can I do with Butternut Squash?

Cut it in two, remove the seeds, put it on a cookie sheet lined with foil cut side down. Bake it till a fork goes in easily, add real butter, salt and freshly ground pepper. Eat it alone if you w... Read More »