When is a bounced check criminal?

Answer Bouncing a check--writing a check for an amount of money the person does not have--becomes a crime when the individual purposely writes a "bad" check, according to Maine Today.ConsiderationsThe pen... Read More »

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What is the fee for a bounced check?

The average bounced-check fee based on a study of 248 banks nationwide is $27.04. In addition, more banks are using a tiered structure, so the cost can quickly add up. Fees can and do vary.Source:M... Read More »

Who pays a bounced-check fee?

When a check is written on a checking account with insufficient funds, the check will bounce. The account holder is responsible for paying the nonsufficient funds or bounced-check fee. The average ... Read More »

What is another term for a bounced check?

Alternative names for a bounced check include "rubber check," "dishonored check" and "bad check," according to Investopedia. A bounced check occurs when the writer of the check has insufficient fun... Read More »

IRS Penalties for a Bounced Check?

If the IRS tries to cash your check and it doesn't clear, you will receive a form letter concerning your penalty. According to the IRS website, this is known as a Letter 608C--Dishonored Check Pena... Read More »