When is a bank likely to call my cd?

Answer Certificates of deposits with high interest rates often come with a call date. The call date gives the issuing bank the right to call (terminate) the CD after a certain time. The bank will most lik... Read More »

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Can a bank call my mortgage?

A bank can call, or request immediate payment, on a mortgage, if the borrower fails to meet certain conditions or if the term of the loan has ended and a balance is still due. For example, if the b... Read More »

Can a bank call in a mortgage loan?

The majority of mortgages have an acceleration clause. This clause allows the bank to demand immediate payment of the entire mortgage loan. A bank can accelerate payment of your mortgage loan if yo... Read More »

Can a bank call a mortgage loan demand?

A bank can call a mortgage loan demand. A demand loan is defined as a loan repayable upon demand. A feature of a demand clause is that the lender can raise an interest rate at any time and/or warn ... Read More »

Can I Call for an Absolute Auction of a Home If the Bank Holds Half the Mortgage?

In a real estate absolute auction, the highest bidder wins the property. There is no minimum bid required, and no reserve is placed on the property. Some auctioneers will not sell a property that h... Read More »