When is a bank likely to call my cd?

Answer Certificates of deposits with high interest rates often come with a call date. The call date gives the issuing bank the right to call (terminate) the CD after a certain time. The bank will most lik... Read More »

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When do bank deposits go into your bank account?

Each bank may process transactions at different times of the day, but most have similar account crediting methods. Cash deposits are always available immediately, but money from checks may not be a... Read More »

How do i stop the vibrating when i answer the call or when someone answers my call?

It should be under settings on your phone. i'm sure every phone has setting to set it off (But you have to look for it)

Can a bank call my mortgage?

A bank can call, or request immediate payment, on a mortgage, if the borrower fails to meet certain conditions or if the term of the loan has ended and a balance is still due. For example, if the b... Read More »

Can a bank call in a mortgage loan?

The majority of mortgages have an acceleration clause. This clause allows the bank to demand immediate payment of the entire mortgage loan. A bank can accelerate payment of your mortgage loan if yo... Read More »