When is a baby is ready for birth?

Answer After 9 months of pregnancy the baby is ready to be born with its head facing downwards ready for birth out of the vagina. All the babies vital organ's are fully grown and ready to be used in the r... Read More »

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When a baby is delevered through the birth canal it is called what birth?

When are pregnant dogs ready to give birth?

Pregnant dogs are ready to give birth after approximately 63 days. Signs that show a dog is ready for labor includes its body temperature dropping, not wanting to stay still and shaking or vomiting... Read More »

What part of the female body dilates when ready to give birth?

Why does everyone always say that the baby isn't ready yet Does the baby really decide when labor begins or is it the womans body?

Answer It's actually the uterus and the umbilical chord. The female body produces repressors to tell its body cells not to attack the baby. When these repressors stop, the body rejects the baby, an... Read More »