How is David Letterman able to see movies before they are released into theaters?

Answer he think nothing is impossible. he help everyone, he gives advice to me that is a hero

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Why have movies like The Negotiator released on Blu Ray in November 2009 not been released on Blu Ray at Netflix yet?

The Image Constraint Token (ICT) may be placed onto Blu-ray discs to reduce the playback resolution over the component video outputs of a Blu-ray player. All Blu-ray players are required to comply ... Read More »

Do step up transformers need more power than step down transformers?

Step-up transformers draw exactly the same amount of power, or watts, from the primary power source as do step-down transformers when doing the same work. While a step-up transformer steps-up the v... Read More »

Who is megatron in transformers?

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons, evil robots from the planet Cybertron from the "Transformers" cartoon, movies and toys. There are several versions of Megatron which exist in alternate re... Read More »

How to Calculate DC From AC Transformers?

Transformers are used to transfer electric current from one circuit to another. They are used by power utility companies to step down voltages to safer levels for home use and to step up power as w... Read More »