Will Justin Timberlake be releasing a live DVD for his new album, The 2020 Experience?

Answer There's no mention of this happening so I doubt it.

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When is apple releasing the i pad 2?

at the end of 2011 as said on y-100 radio station

When will they be releasing jungle junction toys?

Well known and respected UK toy company Flair have been granted a licence to make a series of Jungle Junction toys that will be released in the autumn of 2011. The charming animal characters will t... Read More »

How do you enter album artwork in iTunes when it says album artwork unmodifiable?

You have to create an AAC version of it. You do that by opening Itunes and right clicking it then push create AAC version. Once you have done that delete the duplicates and you can change the artwork

What is a troy ounce when measuring gold?

A troy ounce is the internationally accepted standard unit of weight for precious metals like gold. A troy ounce is slightly heavier than an avoirdupois ounce used to weigh groceries and mail. One ... Read More »