When is Saturn visible in the Northern sky?

Answer Northern Hemisphere stargazers can spot Saturn most of the year except for a few weeks when it passes behind the sun. Saturn reaches its brightest magnitude when directly opposite the sun. The Sky ... Read More »

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When are chromosomes visible in a cell?

Chromosomes are located in the cell nucleus. Cell division occurs through mitosis and meiosis. During the processes of mitosis and meiosis the chromosomes condense and become visible with a compoun... Read More »

When is a baby visible on a ultrasound?

Good question! Usually a foetal heartbeat is detected around week 7 or 8 and this is the time when the first trimester scan is ordered to confirm pregnancy.

When is Jupiter visible in the night sky?

Jupiter is most visible in the night sky in September. Jupiter is not visible during the first few months of the year, because it is hidden behind the sun. It emerges in the morning by late March a... Read More »

When do chromosomes become visible in a cell?

Chromosomes become visible in a cell during the prophase of cell mitosis. The spindle of the chromosomes will be visible during metaphase of cell mitosis. During interphase, the chromosomes will be... Read More »