Is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday a federal holiday?

Answer The U.S. Office of Personnel Management lists Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday among the federally established public holidays for federal employees. In 1994, Congress designated the holiday as a... Read More »

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When was Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated?

Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968; he was shot while standing on the balcony of the motel section of the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. King was in Memphis to support... Read More »

When did Martin Luther King, Jr. day begin?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was first observed as a federal holiday on January 20, 1986. President Ronald Regan signed a bill into law in 1983 to make every third Monday in January a day to celebra... Read More »

When did Martin Luther King Jr. meet Coretta?

Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott met in 1952 in Boston, according to a 2006 Time obituary for Coretta Scott King. He was pursuing his doctorate at Boston University; she was studying musi... Read More »

When was Martin Luther King Junior born?

Civil rights activist and minister Martin Luther King Jr. was born at noon on January 15, 1929. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, at the family's home on Auburn Avenue. That home is now a National ... Read More »