When is Luther series 2 coming to bbc America?

Answer 'Bring It On Down' by Franklyns Insanity.

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When are the new Doctor Who specials coming to America?

The final Doctor Who specials featuring David Tennant as the Doctor aired in December 2009 and January 2010

When is the 4th series of The Inbetweeners coming out on TV?

It isn't - they decided to end the series after season 3 but they have made a movie, out now-ish depending where you are in the world.

Where did the Vietnamese land when coming to America?

When immigrants from Vietnam fled in 1975, they came to United States government bases on Guam, Thailand, Wake Island, Philippines and Hawaii. From these bases, Vietnamese immigrants went to refuge... Read More »

When is criminal minds series 4 coming out on DVD?

Jeanne Benoit? She found out that Tony was undercover and left. It is thought that her Father had arranged a safe house for her to go to and that is where she went