When is JiaYu G3 coming outWhich store does sell this phone?

Answer It is reported that the phone came out on Sep 5th,but actually I can see some online stores just pre order it.Among all the stores lightake list the most uncompetitive price Read More »

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I want to sell my phone, can I sell my plan with it How does this work?

You cannot sell your contract has it has been agreed by you ! Saying you will pay (X) amount for (X) amount of time for the use of there service. And believe me when you sign a contract you are ful... Read More »

Why is app store log in coming up with a different email?

The white iPhone 4, according to Apple specifications, is the same thickness as the black. Although some testers have reported it to be 0.2mm thicker. This is a very small difference and the otterb... Read More »

Can a store sell a used mattress?

On One Hand: Yes, Most Stores CanIt is legal in most states for stores to sell mattresses that are secondhand or constructed from secondhand parts. However, many states have labeling laws requiring... Read More »

How to Get a Store to Sell Your Movie?

Just made a movie! Great, but the hard work doesn't end there. You still need to get it sold. Here is a great guide to get your movie selling in a flash!