When is It Time to Get New Tires?

Answer Replacing the tires on your car should be done every few years or so, depending on how often you drive and the type of driving you do. Rotating and balancing the tires regularly is important for ex... Read More »

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When are you supposed to change your winter tires to Summer tires?

When the snow and ice are gone and the temperature is consistently above freezing. What day that is depends on where you live and how the weather is sorting itself out this year. There is no "nat... Read More »

Do you have to change both tires at the same time on a motorcycle?

It is best to change both tires at the same time and to use tires of the same type and manufacturer. It can be hazardous to mix tire types and in some European countries it is illegal to have unmat... Read More »

When do I need new tires for my car?

According to Consumer Reports, there are a number of indicators that you need new tires for your car, including cracks or cuts in the sidewalls, uneven wear on the treads, excessively worn treads, ... Read More »

When to Replace Tires?

For 48,000 to 65,000 miles, your four tires are going to be the only thing between you and the highway. Knowing that you have entrusted the well-being of you and your passengers to good rubber is t... Read More »