When is Hypertension an Emergency?

Answer On One Hand: Some Symptoms Suggest an EmergencySometimes hypertension (high blood pressure) poses an immediate threat to health. A person with hypertension should seek medical attention if home blo... Read More »

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When you see an emergency you should?

Why would the emergency siren go off when its snowing?

I grew up in a town that used the air raid siren to announce when school was closed because of snow. This was a common practice in that part of New Jersey, I wondered what would happen if the Sovi... Read More »

When is morning high blood pressure an emergency?

On One Hand: A Morning Rise in Blood Pressure Is NormalAccording to the Mayo Clinic, blood pressure readings tend to have daily patterns. Typically they are at their lowest when you sleep and right... Read More »

How to Handle Emergency Calls when Your Android Phone Is on Silent?

Need this to be unsilenced?You don't want to be disturbed during sleep or meetings so you put your Android phone on silent. But you also want family members, and important people to be able to reac... Read More »