How to Become a New York City Street Fair vendor?

Answer A New York City street fair vendor is an individual who sells merchandise or offers services at street fairs in New York City. Street fair vendors usually set up booths or stands at festivals or st... Read More »

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Does anybody play snoopys street fair-Comment if you do?

I do! Add me on Snoopy's Street Fair! My referral code is GKVqsn. Thanks!

When driving on a 2 lane street who has the right of way when there is a car parked in the street on the right?

Evidence? You want evidence? You having an argument? If so, one of you doesn't know how to drive!"Sometimes, parked cars reduce the width of the roadway so much that two approaching vehicles can... Read More »

When Google did its "Street View" maps, have you ever seen those "street view" cars?

Yes they drove down our way in a little black Ford Ka type thing with a ruddy great roof mounted camera that sees over hedges and walls, which isn't really a street view as it's about 5 feet higher... Read More »

How do I donate a cell phone to Folsom?

OnlineLog on to the City of Folsom's website (see References section). Select the "Cell Phone Donation" button located under the "Donate your old cell phone--Calling for Canines" section. Enter you... Read More »