Chineese satellite reciever?

Answer I hope you didn't buy it....There are 2 basic recievers in use today...the DISH Network built by Motorola, and the Direct-TV recievers shared by Sony, RCA, Hughes and others.....Chinese satellite m... Read More »

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Which is better chineese or Indian food why?

I prefer Chinese food, there is so many choices and flavours and textures. Providing you cook it yourself, it's super healthy too!

When planting tomato plants is it best to rotate the area from year to year?

Rotating the areas where tomato vines are planted helps control disease, fungus and pests that attack the plants. Diseases and fungus are left behind in the soil and can affect the next crop. Tomat... Read More »

Can a 29-year-old father who was convicted of a felony when he was a 20-year-old gain custody of his children in Ohio?

Answer If you have a good lawyer and proof that your the safer, more stable parent, then maybe. It would also depend on your conviction. If you are a predator of any sort then forget it. Consult a... Read More »

Can a pregnant 17-year-old move out of her parents' house and in with her 19-year-old boyfriend when the baby is born?

Answer In all liklihood. In many states, a child having a baby is reason for automatic emancipation.