Is it true that sisters become closer after getting married while brothers become distant from his siblings after getting partner or getting married?

Answer Yes, it is absolutely and totally TRUE! x)

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How to Exchange Vows When Getting Married?

Exchanging vows is the most intimate part of a wedding ceremony. At that moment you are pledging your love and devotion in front of your family and friends. These heartfelt words can be tailored to... Read More »

What are the laws of getting married at 17 when you're pregnant?

That you can get married if both set of the parents agrre on it

How to Deal With Questions About When You're Getting Married?

It’s really no one’s business when or if you plan to marry; however, this query is commonly hurled at couples who have been together for a certain number of months or years. Many young people h... Read More »

What paperwork needs to be done when getting married in Italy?

A sworn affidavit ("Nulla Osta"), Atto Notorio, waiver and medical evidence that the bride is not pregnant if she has been married within the last 300 days, and Declaration of Intention are require... Read More »