When did Bill Gates build his Smart Home?

Answer Construction on the Bill Gates "Smart Home" began in 1988 and was completed by 1995. It took construction crews nearly seven years to build the 40,000-square-foot mansion, which is located on the s... Read More »

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Was the computer already invented when Bill Gates created windows?

Yes they werewindows simply makes it easier to run multiple programs on the computer at the same time by providing an easy to use GUI (Graphical user interface) and the back ground required to try ... Read More »

Why is bill gates so rich ?

Because we all keep buying his stuff

How big is bill gates house?

bill gates's house is about 6km sq. with the worlds biggest aquarium tank inside.

Was Bill Gates Really killed?

There appears to be one website that is propogating this myth - While the owner-operator of the site is certainly blessed with an active imagination, his espousal of the belie... Read More »