How to Size a Bicycle and Bicycle Seat to Fit the Rider?

Answer Properly sizing a bicycle assists and protects the rider from injuries and enhances the enjoyment of bicycling.

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When was the pedal bicycle invented?

The pedal bicycle was invented by Kirkpatrick Macmillan, and the first one was built in 1839. Macmillan's model featured treadles attached to the front wheels, which then connected to cranks on the... Read More »

When was the tandem bicycle invented?

The first tandem bicycle was created by M.D. Rucker around 1884. The tandem was constructed by welding two traditional bicycle frames together. Although the design was impractical, tandems were pop... Read More »

Can you ride a bicycle when you have herpes?

what's wrong with herpes...they're fine people...they spread love, peace and happiness wherever they go....oh and weed too....oh herpes...i thought it said hippies...ever tried riding a bike with h... Read More »

When was the first Schwinn bicycle made?

The first Schwinn bicycle was made in 1895 with the founding of Arnold, Schwinn & Co., a partnership of Adolf Arnold, a banker, and Ignaz Schwinn, a bicycle plant manager in Chicago. Both were Germ... Read More »