When in pregnancy can you see how far along you are?

Answer Answer Yes, with an ultrasound. Answer As soon as you miss a period you know you are 4 weeks pregnant.

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How far along are you when you start feeling the early signs of pregnancy like sickness and tiredness?

Is it normal to only be seen once a month by your doctor when you are 7 months along in the pregnancy?

Answer This depends on your doctor. In past experience, if your pregnancy is healthy, you will see the doctor every week in the 8th month until birth. We have been told that if there are problem... Read More »

Can Sore labia and clitoris when you walk be a sign of pregnancy Along with acne right after period?

Having your period is the first sign that you are not pregnant! Acne that follows menstruation could be related to hormonal changes, there are BCPs you can take that will help clear up acne by keep... Read More »

How far along were you in your pregnancy when you chose your baby's pediatrician How did you choose?

At 30 weeks, we had our pediatrician selected. I was expecting twins so we were concerned that they could come early.We got a list of pediatricians from our OB that they recommended. You could pr... Read More »