When in a store people walk on my back heal?

Answer accuse them of racial profiling, or something like that(:

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The back of my feet hurts when i walk?

hmmm... i think it is because your feet are just used to walking running or you standing on them so when u dont its like them relaxing or something lol understand where im coming from? trust me thi... Read More »

When you're sat at a red light do you mind when people walk in front of your car?

no.I'd check that the car doors were locked if they looked dodgy though.

How come store scanners don't ring up when you walk through them with a stolen item?

Items that are tagged with the little iron and adhesive strips can trip the electromagnetic system by the doors. If said item was not tagged with one of these strips (or if the scanners themselves... Read More »

The back of my head hurts feels heavy when I walk I feel dizZy and nauseas?

Sounds like major stress to me.Asprin, tylenol, will help.