When in a store people walk on my back heal?

Answer accuse them of racial profiling, or something like that(:

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How do I heal painfull feet after a 8 mile walk?

Hot water with sea salts in it, a foot massage, and elevate your feet before you go to sleep.

Should I walk into a weed store?

Good point John, my friend also suffered the same problems. I would suggest not trying to buy from weed shops coz once my junkie mate went into one and tried to buy some weed but they said no and t... Read More »

Can i walk around a store and eat grocerys?

Its called "grazing"....sure...why not. We throw away more than we i say....chow down!!! I wouldnt like break open a box of corn flakes and milk and sit in an isle and eat may ... Read More »

I walk to work every day, at the age of 33, some people find this strange, does anyone else walk to work?

good for you !why on earth people think its strange i dont know, at least you'll be the fit one